Mae Villanueva works with individuals and organizations involved in wage and hour, employment, and landlord-tenant disputes. 

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Mae Villanueva has worked with hundreds of litigants involved in civil disputes since 2012. Mae has successfully facilitated mediations with parties involved in employment, wage and hour, landlord-tenant, and other matters.

Mae uses facilitative and evaluative mediation methods to help parties focus on settling their dispute. She is tenacious, patient, and a creative problem-solver. 

Here’s what one party had to say about Mae Villanueva: 

I would like to commend Mae Villanueva for her mediation effort and skill that resulted in the conclusion of a multi-year dispute involving many prior civil actions and small claims cases.  Though it seemed there was no possibility of common ground between the parties, she was able to negotiate a creative resolution that was acceptable to all parties.   I have attended over 100 mediations as counsel of record and she performed a difficult job under pressure that many for-profit mediators would have been unable to bring to resolution. “


Mediation has a very high success rate.


Mediation saves time and money.


Mediation is confidential.


Parties have control over the outcome. 


Efficient, Effective & Creative Dispute Resolution

Wage & Hour

Disputes between employers and employees about wage and hour issues can be highly acrimonious and technical.

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace disputes involving discrimination can be highly charged which can make it challenging for parties to resolve these conflicts on their own.

Workplace Harrassment

Like workplace discrimination, workplace harassment disputes can be complicated and contentious.

Landlord-tennant Disputes

Mediation is often the best course forward for disputes between landlords and tenants regarding land and property.

Organizational Disputes

Organizational disputes can be extremely disruptive.


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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

~Albert Einstein

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Mae Villanueva works with individuals and organizations involved in wage and hour, employment, construction, and landlord-tenant disputes. She is a qualified mediator who uses her skills to establish mutual understanding and assist parties crafting sustainable solutions amenable to all parties involved.