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Mediator Services

Many people wonder how a mediator can help them, especially if it looks like their case is headed to court. Some of the benefits of mediation include:


  • Mediation saves time and money.
  • Mediation is private.
  • Parties have control over the outcome.
  • Parties explore all possible avenues for resolution.
  • Mediation has a very high success rate.

We value our prospective clients and are committed to providing the best service possible. Some of our guiding principles include:


  • Mediation is a safe space.
  • Everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
  • Everyone is treated equally.
  • All parties get a chance to share their side of the story.


Mae Villanueva has provided her expertise in the
following areas throughout her career

Wage & Hour

Wage and Hour Disputes can be highly acrimonious and technical. Fortunately, they can be resolved through mediation, allowing the parties to avoid costly litigation. Mae’s experience in working with people in the healthcare and restaurant industries makes her qualified to help parties resolve overtime, meal, and rest break disputes. Her mediation style is both evaluative and facilitative. Mae is a trained negotiation and dispute resolution practitioner and has many years of experience in wage and hour litigation. 

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace disputes involving discrimination can be highly charged which can make it challenging for parties to resolve these conflicts on their own. When emotions are high and parties are entrenched in their position, disputants need a third-party neutral who can see the facts objectively and have the skills to get parties to work towards a resolution. Mae takes pride in being a focused and tenacious mediator that can help employers and employees resolve disputes related to workplace discrimination based on age, race, disability, and gender such as identifying as LGBTQ. 

Workplace Harassment

Like workplace discrimination, workplace harassment disputes can be complicated and contentious. When a claim alleging workplace harassment is filed it can be upsetting for everyone including the attorneys involved. A lot is at stake and that is why a third-party mediator can help parties navigate through the emotional components of a dispute. A skilled mediator can help parties parse out and work through issues that are blocking them from resolving their case. Mae understands the complex and delicate dynamics of workplace harassment disputes. She is passionate and tenacious at resolving disputes and will not stop until all parties have exhausted their efforts.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes & Civil Harassment Restraining Order

Mediation is often the best course forward for disputes between landlords and tenants. Mae has helped landlords, Homeowners Associations (HOA), tenants, homeowners, and roommates resolve disputes that can potentially turn into contentious and expensive litigation. Mae can also facilitate mediation with parties who are facing issues related to recent Covid-19 restrictions.

Mae has also helped many involved in sensitive and high-stakes civil harassment – restraining order matters. Restraining order petitions can be resolved in mediation. Parties are often satisfied with the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties. This means a higher likelihood of parties complying with the agreement.  Call Mae for more information.

Organizational Disputes

Organizational disputes can be extremely disruptive. When organizational systems break down, often times communication problems begin to cause tension and resentment. This may lead to unnecessary and costly litigation. There are many instances where disputes may arise between workers and employers, between managers and directors, or between one organization and another. Mae can help organizations stop the cycle of conflict through mediation.


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Mae Villanueva works with individuals and organizations involved in wage and hour, employment, construction, and landlord-tenant disputes. She is a qualified mediator who uses her skills to establish mutual understanding and assist parties crafting sustainable solutions amenable to all parties involved.