Wage mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method that involves third parties who act as neutral mediators between two disputing parties in order to resolve their differences. Mediation is a type of mediation that involves two parties who have been involved in a dispute for some time. In this form of mediation, each party has their own representative who will be present throughout the entire mediation process.


1. Make sure that your mediator is licensed and has an active license with the state of California.

2. Ask if they are willing to work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will only pay them if you win.

3. Ask about their experience level. You want someone who has been practicing law for at least 10 years.

4. Ask if they specialize in employment law. If so, ask what types of cases they handle.

5. Ask if they can help you with any other issues besides wages and hours.

Work & Hours Mediation

– The most effective way to resolve disputes between care home residents and staff is through mediation.

– It can be used in any dispute that involves an individual resident or their family member.

– You can use it if you have been asked by someone else to mediate on their behalf.

How to Negotiate With Your Employer

A work & hours mediation expert will help you negotiate with your employer over how much overtime you are entitled to, or if you should be paid for working on weekends or holidays. They may also advise you about whether you qualify for any benefits such as sick pay, maternity leave, or paternity leave.

Why Work with a Wage & Hour Mediator?

A work and wage mediator helps employers and employees resolve disputes about wages, hours, and working conditions. The mediator works for both parties to help them reach agreement. If they cannot agree, then the mediator may be able to recommend a neutral third party who can assist them in reaching a resolution.

Mediation Terms to know

Hour Claims

Collective Action

Unpaid Wages

Rest Breaks

Class Action Wage

Payment of Wages

Proliferation of Wage

Wage Claim Process

Non-Exempt Employees

Employment-Related Disputes

Hour Dispute

Travel Time

Hour Lawsuits

Times with Courts

Putative Class

Hour Class

Unpaid Overtime

Employment-Related Matters

Anti-Discrimination Statutes

Federal Levels

Lunch Breaks

MeToo Movement

Sexual Orientation

Substantial Increase in cases nation wide.

Theft of Trade Secrets

Unemployment Insurance

Hours Laws

Representative Action

Hourly Rates

Damages Calculations

Effective Resolution

Wage Records

Minimum Wages

Wage Complaint Process

Employment and wage & hour

Federal Minimum Wage

Cash Wge

Optional Wage Claim Settlement